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Meet Charles Viancin

To create my kitchen accessories, I started with a simple idea: nature is both beautiful and efficient. Inspired by nature’s colors, materials and whimsy, my kitchen accessories are designed to make the everyday more beautiful, make life easier and reduce the use of plastic film or aluminum. My covers help keep food fresher longer and aid in cooking, reheating, anti-splattering, clean-up, and more. From airtight covers that are floral or mineral in design, to bottle stoppers with a punch, potholders with panache and flexible cutting boards, the pages that follow offer a bouquet of colorful ideas for your kitchen, picnics and adventures. Welcome to my world!

Ever-growing passion since 2005

Charles, when your journey start?

Charles Viancin established his company in 2005 and created new color and form statements in kitchen accessories. Their unique food preparation and storage products attract attention for their vivid colors in silicone materials, shaped to suggest flowers, fruits and leaves. For example, reusable lids that sustain high cooking temperatures and provide air-tight storage bring beauty and smiles in unexpected ways to everyday tasks.

Where do you find inspiration when designing new products?

I find inspiration in the nature and the breathtaking beauty and surroundings from my home in the French Alps near Lake Annecy. I draw inspiration from the shapes, sounds and picturesque beauty of Lake Annecy as well as during my travels abroad.  I’m constantly being inspired and finding beauty and wonder in the world around me.

How do you choose which idea to take to development?

Our goal is always to provide a high quality and high functioning product with beautiful design. If we are able to meet these criteria along with our price point objectives we move forward.

Is there an approach or look that joins the functionality, form or emotional appeal of your product line? 

We focus on the design aspects of all of our products to make that emotional connection between the product and the end users. We want them to feel great about using our products in their homes.

How do you see design’s importance in our industry?

As the marketplace becomes omni-channel and more global, great design allows us to maintain our position as an industry leader in our category.  Great design separates the Charles Viancin brand from the commodity products and “me-too” designs and continues to drive the brand.

Charles Viancin

Founder and designer of Charles Viancin products